Startups turn their gaze to new market

Due to the lack of opportunities for access to credit in large banks, Brazilian startups are turning their gaze to the corporate debt market. One example is the issuance of certificates of agribusiness and real estate receivables (CRIs and CRAs).

Due to an important corporate debt market, the dominance of bank credit decreases and can be an indicator to be normalized in times of crisis.

According to a Valor Econômico article, structured debt operations, already common in the United States, are increasing. The possibility of companies growing without diluting the interest of entrepreneurs is a major factor for the expansion of this market.

The article also highlighted that law no. 14.195, that provides for the improvement of the business environment, brought about the possibility of issuance of credit notes, which will benefit companies that intend to carry out their first acquisitions in the stock market, encompassing startups.

Latin America already has 23 unicorns

Capital investments in startups continue to increase. Now, at least 23 Latin American startups are valued at more than U$ 1 billion, according to report released by the Crunchbase platform.

A significant portion of the investments took place in 2021, when 15 companies performed series of financial incentives. Fintechs had great prominence, where Nubank, a Brazilian digital bank, raised US$ 750 million.

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